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  • Grow

    With 16 undergraduate and 12 graduate degree programs, the School of Music trains nearly 700 students to achieve greater technical prowess and nurture their artistic sensitivity.

  • Explore

    Curious about Balinese music? Want to learn about sound recording? Wonder why music is notated how it is? Expand your musical horizons at BYU.

  • Perform

    The School of Music sponsors more than 30 ensembles, including five that tour internationally. Opportunities also abound for solo performance, composition and conducting.

  • Achieve

    BYU launches students to further musical studies and successful careers as they win regional and national competitions, attend prestigious festivals and complete internships around the world.


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University Chorale

University Chorale performs Dec. 6 in the de Jong Concert Hall

The 200 strong University Chorale takes the vocal spotlight Dec. 6 at 7:30 pm in the de Jong Concert Hall as one of the last music performances of the semester. “University Chorale is a non-auditioned choir with many students in as a means of improving their skills in hopes of making it into an auditioned […]

Live Streaming

New and Improved Streaming System for BYU Music

Thousands applauded last month in the de Jong Concert Hall, while twelve thousand others cheered at the same time in more than fifty countries. Thanks to BYU School of Music’s new streaming system, anyone around the world with Internet can join the audience. “We hope the experience will be similar to professional concert broadcasts on […]

Opera Chorus


Celebration of Christmas

The BYU combined choirs and Philharmonic present this annual concert celebrating the sounds of the holiday season. Featuring performances by BYU Singers, Concert Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, BYU Philharmonic.


Tuba Christmas

Announcing Utah TubaChristmas Concert 2016 Musicians usually relegated to the back row of the band and orchestra will have their opportunity to shine! “The unusual sound of a choir of tubas, baritone horns, and euphoniums is a delight,” said Steve Call, director of TubaChristmas. “Music lovers are always surprised that the music produced by many […]