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January 2023

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light

Celebrate the Abundance In Our Lives

Happy New Year! This season of new beginning offers such promise of light and joy, and we certainly feel that here in the BYU School of Music. As we continue to settle into the new Music Building, we are met each day with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what we have been given and the enormous trust that has been placed in us to use this new and astounding facility to our best individual and collective abilities to enhance and magnify our efforts to share light throughout the world. We are committed more than ever to do so! We also see this building as yet another symbol of the unfathomable gift of abundance Our Father in Heaven gives so freely to all His children.

When we pause to look around and truly recognize all He has given us in this life, we should be filled with love, appreciation, and gratefulness for the knowledge that we are His and He is our Father. And if we seek Him first in all we do, He promises ALL that is His to us. The gospel is truly all about abundance.

This edition of the School of Music Journal celebrates this abundance. We celebrate the opportunities given us in 2022 to share light through the gifts of talent and the diligent effort of students and faculty. We celebrate the abundant heritage of those upon whose shoulders we stand. We celebrate the promise of opportunity in 2023 to share with others what Father has given to us.

In this new year, we invite you to enjoy what we have to share with you. Then, we invite you to share the abundance of light in your life with others.

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