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School of Music Scholarships

School of Music scholarships are awarded to first-year students largely based on the quality of their entrance audition. In subsequent years, scholarships are awarded based on achievement in their major (e.g., Performance, Music Education, Commercial Music, etc.).

  • Recipients of music scholarships must abide by the university scholarship requirements currently in effect. In addition, expectations of the School of Music for all School of Music scholarship award recipients are listed below.
    • Music major status.
    • BYU Cumulative GPA: 3.0; Major GPA: 3.0.
    • Registration in and satisfactory completion of private instruction (A or A- in 250R, 260R, 360R, 460R) and a large ensemble each semester as assigned and required by the student’s major.
    • Completion of sufficient music theory, history, and literature courses to stay on track for graduation.
    • Completion of sufficient general education and religion courses to stay on track for graduation.
    • Registration in a minimum of 12 credit hours EACH semester (fall and winter semesters). Registration in a minimum of 6.0 credit hours during spring and/or summer terms (for a spring and/or summer award).
    • Additional or more specific requirements, as set by the donor, may apply.
  •  Music scholarships are ONE-YEAR AWARDS unless otherwise specifically stated. ALL students must complete a scholarship renewal application online (available through the School of Music Information System portal) before the end of the Winter semester of each academic year in order to be considered for scholarships for the next academic year.

School of Music Need-based Awards

The School of Music annually gives out a limited number of need-based awards. If you wish to be considered for a need-based award, you must also complete the university financial aid application online through myBYU, to which the School of Music will refer. The Student Financial Aid Office administers other forms of financial aid, such as Pell Grants and Stafford Loans.

If you have questions about your scholarship eligibility or award, speak directly either with the faculty member who supervises your major or the Assistant Director for Admissions, Scholarships, and Student Support (Mark Ammons, in C-550A).


Consult the BYU Graduate Studies pages for information regarding graduate tuition and university-level funding. For information regarding private lesson fees, please consult the School of Music.

The School of Music offers four types of graduate awards to both new and continuing students: assistantships, internships, performance awards, and scholarships. Please see your advisor for details. A student receiving a graduate assistantship may be expected to attend orientation meetings held during the latter part of the week preceding the start of fall semester.