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November 2023

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light
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Gratitudinal Light

I believe we all most frequently think of sharing light with others as a proactive act of giving. We can share light through things we say and do. We can also share light through simply “being” if we have worked diligently to cultivate a truly luminous spirit.

However, we may sometimes think of such acts of “giving” as requirements or burdens. This burden can take on a feeling of heaviness and ultimately cause us to cease desiring to share our light with others. This can result in us being ineffectual instruments in the Lord’s hands at the very time the world around us needs all the light we can give to it.

Gratitudinal Light to the rescue! If you are feeling burdened and need a way to lighten your load, this is a sure pick-me-up. All you have to do is say two simple words to someone – ANYONE – who has shown you a kindness, made your day a little better, or done something so you don’t have to. The two words? Thank You!

When uttered with sincerity and, if possible, eye contact, these two little words will share more light than you can imagine. Just these two words can lift the burdens of others and give them a bounce in their step. In return, weight on your shoulders will slide right off and you, too, will be filled with more joy and gladness.

So, in this month of thankfulness, look for ways to share the wondrous joy of Gratitudinal Light every day!

With Appreciation,