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October 2023

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light
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Choosing to Share

Life is difficult. It just is. It’s difficult and hectic and chaotic and exhausting—at least a lot of the time. And sometimes it feels like there is hardly a second to spare for refilling our own well, let alone time to look for ways to help others refill theirs. But if we can slow down a little and pause to reflect on all the goodness and wonderfulness that is part of our lives each day, we can find simple ways to share.

And the truly amazing thing I have found is when we try to find one simple way to bring some small light to someone else, that single act is returned to us many times over, amplified and magnified. Recently, I was in a convenience store. As I approached the register, the cashier looked up and gave me the warmest and kindest smile I had seen in a long time. As I left the store, I felt I needed to tell her how brilliant her smile was and did so, and her smile beamed all the brighter! We both were lifted and edified by her simple act of genuine kindness.

Sharing whatever light we can muster on any given day will result in the principle of abundance that is found plentifully in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We will find our weary arms lifted and heavy souls lightened. And then, with hope and perseverance, we will find our desire and ability to share light grow and magnify as well.

With Appreciation,