Undergraduate Admissions


Be familiar with your degree program.

Brigham Young University’s School of Music offers a wide variety of undergraduate degrees, including a BA in Music and BMs in Music Performance, Music Education, Music Composition, and Commercial Music. Click here to explore the different majors.

Check all deadlines and necessary materials for application.

December 1st
  • Deadline to submit the School of Music Application.
    All students must apply to both BYU and the School of Music. Deadlines for the BYU application are different and may be found here. Once you apply to BYU, you will be given a Net ID (not a BYU ID number) user name and password, which you will need in order to apply to the School of Music. Students often do not find out whether they have been accepted to the university until after their audition with the School of Music.
First Week in January
  • Classical Voice, Violin, Piano, and Commercial Music applicants only: Notification date for live audition invitations. Those invited who cannot attend live auditions may still be considered for the program.
Last Saturday in January
  • Live auditions held on BYU campus.
    You may complete either a recorded or a live audition. Auditions can be scheduled online after the School of Music application has been received by the School of Music office.

Apply for admission to Brigham Young University.

To be considered for admission into the School of Music you must apply to Brigham Young University. Information on how to apply can be found here.

Apply for admission to the School of Music.

To start the application process for the School of Music, click here.

Learn about financial aid.

University Scholarships and Financial Aid
  •  Click here to find for information about University scholarships and financial aid
School of Music Scholarships
  • School of Music scholarships are awarded to first-year students largely based on the quality of their entrance audition. In subsequent years, scholarships are awarded based on achievement in their major (e.g., Performance, Music Education, Commercial Music, etc.).
  • For incoming students, the scholarship application is included in the School of Music application. See section  2 for the relevant deadlines.
  • Recipients of music scholarships must abide by the university scholarship requirements currently in effect. The School of Music also has its own requirements for music scholarship recipients; they are listed below.
    • Music major status.
    • BYU Cumulative GPA: 3.0; Major GPA: 3.0.
    • Registration in and satisfactory completion of private instruction (A or A- in 250R, 260R, 360R, 460R) and a large ensemble each semester as assigned and required by the student’s major.
    • Completion of sufficient music theory, history, and literature courses to stay on track for graduation.
    • Completion of sufficient general education and religion courses to stay on track for graduation.
    • Registration in a minimum of 12 credit hours EACH semester (fall and winter semesters). Registration in a minimum of 6.0 credit hours during spring and/or summer terms (for a spring and/or summer award).
    • Individual donors may set additional requirements.
  •  Music scholarships are ONE-YEAR AWARDS unless otherwise specifically stated. ALL students must complete a scholarship renewal application online (available through the School of Music Information System portal) before the end of the winter semester of each academic year in order to be considered for scholarships for the next academic year.
School of Music Need-based Awards
  • The School of Music annually gives out a limited number of need-based awards. If you wish to be considered for a need-based award, you must also complete the university Scholarship Application online. The Financial Aid Office administers other forms of financial aid as well, such as Pell Grants and Stafford Loans.

If you have questions about your scholarship eligibility or award, speak directly with either the faculty member who supervises your major or the Assistant Director for Admissions, Scholarships, and Student Support (Mark Ammons, in C-550A).

Audition with your primary instrument or voice.

All School of Music applicants must audition on an instrument or voice. To audition, first complete a School of Music Admission/Scholarship Application and submit an online letter of recommendation from a qualified music teacher. Once the application materials have been submitted to the School of Music, the student may either schedule a time to perform a live audition at BYU or submit a recorded audition.

Each studio has its own preferences for submitting recorded auditions. Please check the audition requirements for each studio through the link below. For auditions uploaded to YouTube, please make sure the video is not listed as private and that the link is emailed to musicadmissions@byu.edu by the date listed.

Live auditions are held in the Harris Fine Arts Center. For driving directions and hotel information, click here. During live auditions, it may not be possible for the judges to hear all the prepared music. Often, judges will request representative sections of audition pieces. Only those auditioning are allowed in the audition studio. For live auditions, piano accompaniment is not required, but the student may bring an accompanist if they like. Applicants for degrees other than the BA in Music or Music Performance must audition for their given instrument and submit additional materials for their prospective major.

Click here for information about audition.

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