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Letters of Recommendation FAQ

Who should I get to recommend me?

Recommenders should be music teachers or directors who are familiar with your music ability. The recommendation should be a musical recommendation, not just a character recommendation.

How many letters do I have to submit?

At least one letter of recommendation is required, but you may submit more if desired.

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are submitted electronically as part of the online application. You will enter the email address of your recommender and they will receive an email with a link to complete the recommendation form. The recommendation will attach to your application once it is completed.

What if completing the online letter of recommendation is not possible?

We prefer that you have someone complete the recommendation form online because there are specific questions on the form that are helpful when considering your application. If you are not able to have your recommendations completed electronically, you may mail or email letters to:

School of Music Admissions
Brigham Young University
C 550 Harris Fine Arts Center
Provo, UT 84602-6410

How do I know if my letter of recommendation has been completed?

On your application, next to where you enter your recommender’s name, you will see the status of your recommendation request. If recommendation is complete, it will read “Recommendation Completed.”

What if my recommender doesn’t get the email?

Have them check their spam and junk mail folders. The email is sent by the SOMIS website. Also check to make sure their email address was entered correctly on the application. If you have any other problems, contact

What do I do if my recommender loses the email?

On your online application (even if you have already submitted it), click to add an additional provider. Enter the recommender’s information again and click “Send.” The recommender will receive a new email.

When are letters of recommendation due?

Letters of recommendation must be completed by January 15. Please send your requests early in order to give your recommenders plenty of time to complete the form.

How long does it take to complete the recommendation form?

The recommendation form takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.