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April 2022

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light
I Am the Light of the World.

These are the words Jesus Christ used to describe Himself to His disciples in Jerusalem, to the Nephites in ancient America, and again to Joseph Smith, the prophet of the Restoration. His light shines in and through all things that are good and true, and it is His light we seek to share in all we do in the BYU School of Music.

Our students and faculty have worked diligently throughout this semester and have had many outstanding accomplishments and received many honors and awards. Nevertheless, they all willingly and joyfully ascribe these accomplishments to our Father in Heaven and know they are only possible with His help.

As you review the pages of this journal, reflect on all the richness God has given you and the light that He is in your life. Then, look for small ways you can be a conduit for His light in your own circle of influence.

I promise you, sharing the light - His light - freely with others will bring you the greatest joy!

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