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The Ensembles

Philharmonic Orchestra

Audition Required

Meets Monday/Wednesday


Symphony Orchestra

Audition Required

Meets Monday/Wednesday


Chamber Orchestra

Audition Required

Meets Tuesday 3:00-4:50pm, Friday 1:00-2:50pm

Winter Semester Only

Baroque Ensemble

Audition Required

Meets Tuesday 3:00-3:50pm, Friday 1:00-1:50pm

Fall Semester Only

University Orchestra


Meets Wednesday


University String Orchestra

Non-Audition Strings Only Ensemble

Meets Thursday


Auditions for the BYU orchestras, as well as all auditioned ensembles in the School of Music, are administered by the private studio teachers for each instrument. Auditions are the first day or two of classes, and each of the studio instructors will have sign-up sheets on their doors.

After the auditions are complete, ensemble placement will be posted in order for rehearsals to begin the second week of school. The only exceptions to this procedure are the University Orchestra and the University String Orchestra, which are non-audition ensembles in which participation is determined through regular online registration. If you are unable to register because the section for your instrument is full, attend the first scheduled class to see if there is space for you to be added.

  • Updated for Fall 2023

    BYU Philharmonic (majors only)

    BYU Symphony (non-majors)

    All BYU violin orchestra auditions for the year will be held on Sept. 5 from around 8 am to 3 pm in room 4065 in the Music Building. A sign-up sheet will be posted outside MB 4069 around August 31, 2023.

    Music Majors-Audition Information

    • All majors are required to take this audition.
    • Please prepare a 3–5-minute excerpt of a movement of a solo piece of your choice that shows off your best qualities as a musician and violinist.
    • You are also required to prepare the entire first violin part to Der Rosenkavalier Violin I (link). When the sign-up sheet goes up we will post the exact sections to prepare.

    Non-Music Majors or Music Minors-Audition Information

    • Please prepare a 3-minute excerpt of a movement of a solo piece of your choice that shows off your best qualities as a musician and violinist.
  • Updated for Fall 2023
    Auditions for BYU Philharmonic and BYU Symphony Fall 2023 need to be submitted to me as private YouTube recordings. I would like them to be all one recording, to happen in one sitting, just like an in-person audition would be. I want it to all be one link. They are due Wednesday, September 6, 11pm (or earlier). Please send them to

    Students: Please prepare and record the following for your auditions.

    • Two contrasting standard orchestral excerpts (such as the first page of the Mendelssohn Scherzo and the first page of Don Juan)  
    • Two contrasting viola pieces from your repertoire (such as the first page from a concerto and the first page of a sonata or a Bach Suite. Please note, I prefer different pieces, I don’t want to hear two movements of the same piece)  

    I will watch your submissions and have the seating assignments on my office door posted by Monday, September 11 at 1 pm.

  • Updated for Fall 2023


    Video Recorded Auditions (Through YouTube) Due Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 No Live Auditions

    • Auditions are open to any current BYU student. 
    • All MUSIC MAJORS are required to audition. 

    Recording Instructions

    1. Upload video to YouTube. Email the like to
    2. Begin your video recording by stating your email address, your full name, your major (Performance, Education, Composition, Commercial Music, Bachelor of Arts), your year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student), and your course number (260R, 360R, 460R, 660R) 
    3. Try to film yourself from approximately the waist up, with the top of your head near the top of the frame. 
    4. Don’t stand too close to your recording device (phone, computer, tablet, external microphone) as the sound may be garbled. 

    Repertoire For Philharmonic Audition:

    Repertoire For BYU Symphony:

    • Play THREE MINUTES of a solo piece of your choice that you feel best represents your playing. 


    This is the cello audition for the entire year, not just for the current semester, although sometimes there are openings for winter semester.

    If you would like to get more information about the BYU Cello Studio, please contact Dr. Kesler

  • Auditions will be held during the first two days of the semester. Outside of Prof. Hansen’s office (E378) there will be a sign-up sheet posted to select a time to audition. Prepare 3-4 minutes of repertoire that shows off your technical skill to its highest. Excerpts for the sight-reading will be provided.

  • Updated for Fall 2023
    Percussion materials and instructions can be found here. Contact Dr. Matt Coleman at if you have additional questions.
    Signup for Auditions Here

Woodwind/Brass Auditions are found here