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Music Theory Textbook Instructions

Access to the online Playlist for aural skills is good for 720 days from the time of purchase. This works fine for most universities, but at BYU students frequently leave on a mission and resume their studies two years later. This situation has been explained to the folks at W.W. Norton, who have agreed to extend access for at least one additional year for returned missionaries. Here are the instructions for requesting extended access for the online playlist:

  • Go to the WW Norton Help Desk at, scroll down, and click on “Submit Support Ticket”
  • Fill in the form with your information [see sample below]
  • In the “Request Information” section, use the following information:
    • Category: eBook
    • Type of Issue: Registration Code
    • Discipline: Music
    • Book Title: Karpinski, Manual for Ear Training
    • Subject: Access Code
    • Description: I am a student at Brigham Young University. After beginning my studies in [year], I left on a service mission for [two years / 18 months]. I am now resuming my studies and would like an extension of [360 / 720 days] for online access to the Playlist at Thank you.

Submit the request and it shall be granted