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October 2021

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light

I love the Fall season! It is by far my favorite. I love the brisk, snappy air, the beautiful fall colors, the smell of wood-burning stoves and fires in the fireplaces. I love watching the miraculous change from the season of growth and blossoming to the season of growth and blossoming to the season of harvest in preparation for the cycle to begin once again.

The practice of sowing seeds, cultivating them into tender seedlings, nurturing them into thriving and mature plants that produce grains, vegetables, and fruit, and finally, harvesting the wonderous "fruits of your labors" has been part of the lives since Adam and Eve. And, while many of us no longer subsist entirely on this way of life for the support of our families, we continue to employ the same pattern of sowing, cultivating, and harvesting in our lives, regardless our profession.

Indeed, the law of the harvest is an eternal principle as in the cycle of sowing, cultivating, and nurturing that culminates in the harvest.

We know that we are all in the midst of the greatest Gathering and Harvest the earth will ever have. It is the final season and the Lord is seeking to gather in all who will be the fruit of His vineyard.

In the BYU School of Music, we continue to share our light and through that light, the Light of Christ. We are earnestly engaged in the Great Gathering.

Please enjoy the bounty of this Harvest Issue of the School fo Music Journal as we share the "fruits of the labors" of faculty, students, an alumni throughout the past months of hard work and "putting their shoulders to the wheel". And by all means, feel free to share this bounty with others!

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