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December 2021

School of Music Journal

Sharing The Light

It's Christmas! The most WONDERFUL time of the year! As we celebrate the wonderous Christmas season with family and friends, we hope you find many joyful tings to share in this Christ-centered edition of the School of Music Journal.

I would like to share with you two pieces I wrote recently. As you read them, please consider the Savior's birth, life, mission, Atonement, resurrection, and what He means to you and who He is to you. We wish you a and yours the very happiest and merriest Christmas!

Hope Love Joy

Hope Love Joy
Three small words.
Three words, simple yet often illusive.
What do they mean to me?

Hope springs eternal.
Without hope, all is lost.
With hope, we can overcome all.
But what if hope feels like a distant memory
or forgotten dream?

Love conquers all.
Love is what we all yearn for.
The best love involves a two-way relationship.
But what if our love for others and self has
fallen dormant and others' love for us seems

Joy is why God created us.
Joy is the fruit we earn through doing good.
Joy is more profound and longer lasting than
But what if we have never felt true joy, or if
the joy we once felt seems buried beneath a
mountain of sorrow?

Hope is not as distant as we think.
For, in a distant and humble stable, Hope was
The Hope He provides can be ever with us.

True Love, too, was born that night.
Eternal Love.
A Love that shows us how to love others and
self, and in turn, be loved.

With Hope and Love came Joy.
A Joy that overcomes all sorrow.
A Joy that can be ours forever as we seek Him
then seek to share that Joy.

Hope Love Joy
Three small words?
Perhaps, when counting letters, only.
For in these words is the most profound gift
ever given - a baby in a stable in Bethlehem.
The Baby who would be and is the King of
Kings and Lord of Lords.
Our Hope, Our Love, Our Joy.

Who is He to Me?

He is my Brother
He is my Friend
He is my Teacher
He is my Example
He is my Foundation
He is my Safe Harbor
He is my Peace
He is my Joy
He is my Lifeline
He is my Anchor
He is my Shepherd
He is my Lord
He is my Master
He is my Savior
He is my Redeemer
He is the One who will bring me safely home to my Father.
He is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of Our Heavenly Father in the flesh.
He is Jesus Christ, the only one who could and did atone for ALL mankind.
He is Jesus Christ, the only one who was resurrected first so that ALL mankind will be resurrected.
He is Jesus Christ, and He lives!
He is Jesus Christ, and He will return in His glory.
He is Jesus Christ.

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