Performance at BYU

Student performers enrolled in the BYU School of Music enjoy a variety of performance opportunities both on and off campus.

To find out about upcoming performances, view the calendar of upcoming events.

Ensemble Performance

The myriad of ensembles at BYU make it possible for every student to find a group that fits their skill, schedule, and favorite style of music. Many of the ensembles travel extensively, representing BYU across the world. The touring ensembles are among the most widely traveled collegiate ensembles in the world and offer performers a cosmopolitan educational experience. The School of Music also sponsors dozens of other ensembles and presents hundreds of concerts locally each academic year. Learn more about the ensembles below.

  • Group for New Music
  • Group for Experimental Music
  • Collaborations with student composers
  • Fall opera
  • Spring opera
  • Opera scenes

Solo Performance

In addition to required junior and senior recitals, the School of Music sponsors “Concerts at Noon” every Friday during fall and winter semesters. Students may sign up to perform.

Students may also compete in the school’s Concerto Competition for an opportunity to perform with either the BYU Symphony Orchestra or the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra.


Graduate students in choral and instrumental conducting have plentiful conducting opportunities in running the open-enrollment university choirs, bands, and orchestras.

In addition, graduate students and advanced undergraduates occasionally conduct pieces with BYU’s premier ensembles. Many conducting opportunities also arise in collaboration with BYU’s student composers.

Off-campus Venues

The Provo/Salt Lake region has a thriving music scene, and not just for students interested in commercial music. BYU students regularly perform as members of the Orchestra at Temple Square, in recording sessions for film, television, and other media, and in other ensembles.

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