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Rick Baldassin

Piano Shop Manager

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Rick Baldassin enjoys a distinguished career in virtually all segments of the piano industry, spanning nearly four decades. As an accomplished musician with a particular interest in technology, he earned a BM in Music Performance from Brigham Young University, where he also completed the Piano Technology training program. Following his formal education, Rick received additional training in factory and concert and artist programs conducted by Fazioli, Steinway, Yamaha, and Baldwin. He achieved prominence early in his career as the Chief Concert Piano Technician for the Utah Symphony Orchestra & Opera, and the University of Utah. Rick was chosen to become the senior technical and teaching consultant for Renner USA in 1989. With his unique teaching skills and wide experience, he became a much sought after instructor, teaching at conventions and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, Japan, Russia, Korea, and Indonesia. He has also taught training seminars for Renner Germany in Moscow and Tokyo. Rick also created the curriculum and serves as the head instructor for the Renner Academy. In 2000, Rick was selected by Fazioli to become their Technical Support Director for North America, and has taught the Fazioli Factory Concert Training Seminar since that time, including seminars in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the United States. The Piano Technician’s Guild recruited him early on to become the Assistant Technical Editor and Tuning Editor for the Piano Technicians Journal. His contributions to the industry and PTG have earned him many awards, including Member of Note in 1991, Hall of Fame in 1999, James H. Burton Award in 2007, and the industry’s highest honor, the Golden Hammer Award, in 2014.