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Ben Fales

General Manager, Executive Producer
BYU Music Group

1128 RB

Ben Fales is general manager and executive producer of BYU Music Group. As general manager, he directs and oversees all the business affairs of the organization and is responsible for shaping, managing, and executing the outward-facing identity and brand of BYU music ensembles/groups through the production, marketing, and distribution of BYU music albums and videos to US and world markets. As executive producer, Fales is responsible for the development and creative execution of new albums, music videos, and sheet music featuring Brigham Young University music ensembles/groups, BYU School of Music faculty, and BYU-related artists and composers.

Music has always been a big part of Fales’ life. He started writing songs when he was 14 and began his music career as an intern in the stockroom of Tantara Records (Brigham Young University’s record label). In 2002, shortly after graduating from BYU with a BA in Music (media/commercial music emphasis) and a minor in Business Management, general manager Ron Simpson brought Fales on full time as Tantara’s operations manager. During the next eight years, Fales learned almost every aspect of the music business firsthand, including A&R, producing, project management, licensing, sales, marketing, distribution, and more.

In 2010, Fales was promoted to general manager where he took on the responsibility of shaping the overall mission and vision for the record label amidst an ever-changing music-business landscape. Fales earned his MBA from BYU in 2011, and soon began the transformation of Tantara Records from a single label to the label group, BYU Music Group, which includes Tantara as well as the BYU-branded entities BYU Records and BYU Music Publishing Group.

Since 2002, Fales has told BYU’s story through the production of more than 100 CD/albums. In 2012, he was able to combine two of his greatest creative passions, music and filmmaking, with the release of BYU Music Group’s first music video, “Danny Boy,” featuring BYU Vocal Point. Since that time, Fales has released over 70 music videos featuring various BYU artists that have garnered more than 275 million views on YouTube.

Fales’ passion for and understanding of the music industry, business best practices, music production, and filmmaking have enabled him to effectively drive the growth of BYU Music Group. This growth has enabled continued experiential learning opportunities for students in the Brigham Young University music ensembles/groups; increased worldwide distribution and engagement of BYU-related music albums and videos; and further established BYU as a university that produces audio and video recordings of the highest caliber.