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Celebration of Christmas

Saturday, December 03
7:30 PM
de Jong Concert Hall & Streamed Online
Due to ongoing construction, performance dates and times are subject to change. See information below:

Music Building Updates (Jan 13, 2023)

Due to ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages, construction is delayed on portions of the building. The finishing touches and technical calibration of the Concert Hall and other spaces will require additional time before their public debut. Faculty offices, the Choral Hall and other spaces are mostly complete.

Due to these delays, School of Music performances will be impacted, including ensembles. These performances are being rescheduled in both on- and off-campus venues. Ticketing updates will be communicated as soon as possible through BYU Tickets.

So Long, Old Friend

Join us in the last performances from the Franklin Harris Fine Arts Center.

The Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) has been an incubator of expression, growth and connection for the BYU community for over 50 years. While we are sad to see the building go, we are proud to honor its place on campus and the role it has played in our lives.