“Few college choirs in America bring the emotional commitment and discipline to their tasks as the BYU choirs. They are remarkable.” — Jerry Johnston, Deseret News

The five choral organizations offer all students, both graduate and undergraduate, an opportunity for training, experience, and personal growth in all aspects of the choral art. Even with the intense pressure on students to finish their undergraduate degrees in record time, over one thousand students enroll each semester in choir. That enrollment includes students from majors all across campus. One need not be a music major to sing in a BYU choir. Because so many BYU students have previous experience singing in choirs, it is not unusual for even our two highly select choirs, BYU Singers and Concert Choir, to have 40 to 50% enrollment from majors other than music.

In addition to the regularly scheduled combined and individual concerts, the choirs are often invited to provide music for General Conference and special university events. Click here to view upcoming choral events.

The Choral Department is located in the HFAC E wing, 3rd floor, and may be contacted at More information on the choirs, auditions, and events can be found at the BYU Choirs website.

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