BYU Violinists


9:00 AM — 3:00 PM
E-546 HFAC
  • This audition is open to any current BYU student.
  • Majors are required to take this audition.

There are 34 spots in the BYU Philharmonic and 28 spots in the BYU Symphony.

Auditions for Chamber Orchestra will be soon after (possibly that same week) and are open only to members of the Philharmonic.


BYU Violin

  1. For Violin Music Majors, the auditions will be 5 minutes long and will include a 3 minute excerpt of a piece of your choice and a 2 minute orchestra excerpt (Schumann Symphony No. 2, Movement II, Scherzo, just the first page.) You can find that excerpt on
  2. For non music majors, you will perform a 3-4 minute excerpt of a piece of your choice. However, if you wish to audition for the BYU Philharmonic, then you will need to learn the above excerpt as well.
  3. Again, you do not have to be a major to participate in this audition, but if you are a major then you must take this audition.
  4. The sign-up sheet will be posted outside Professor Belknap’s door, E-543 HFAC.
  5. Make sure your “Route Y” information is correct (email address and local cell phone number). We communicate through email, so you must check your email daily.


This is the violin audition for the entire year, not just for the current semester, although sometimes there are openings winter semester.

If you would like to get more information about the BYU Violin Area, please contact Professor Woods:
E-546 HFAC

Thanks for your interest! Hope to see and hear you at the audition!


The BYU Violin Faculty
Monte Belknap
Alexander Woods
LeeAnn Morgan


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