The Discipline

The Brigham Young University School of Music assists individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life through the study of music. We embrace the Aims of a BYU Education to be spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, and character building, leading students to lifelong learning and service. As faculty, administrators, and staff, we help our students think clearly about diverse kinds of music and create, perform, and teach music with excellence. We explore music within the context of a broad liberal arts education and religious instruction, infusing the lives of students with scholarly and creative experiences. We believe our voice is central in bringing the highest artistic and scholarly contributions to the world while reflecting the ideals of revealed truth.

The School of Music respects and celebrates the historic position of music at the heart of a liberal education and the gospel. From ancient times, music has proven its power to enlighten the understanding, strengthen the spirit, and shape character. With this power, music civilizes and invigorates any society in which it is cultivated. In the School of Music, the student learns self-discipline through rigorous practice in pursuit of accurate and passionate performance. The student also learns cooperation and mutual sensitivity through ensemble work. In the study of music theory and history, the student becomes able to hear and appreciate the grammar and syntax of various musical languages, distinguish nuances of style, and grasp the ways in which styles intertwine with ideas. Students learn in a variety of situations: private lessons, small seminars, multimedia labs, and large lectures. These are offered with a holistic approach that embraces academic rigor, intuitive insight, physical grace, and spiritual eloquence.

Career Opportunities

The School of Music leads its students toward careers in performance, studio teaching, music education, media music production, recording and sound technology, arts management, music journalism, composition, and other music-related professions. Because the music curriculum is rigorous, it is also an excellent pre-professional course of study for those interested in fields as diverse as law, business, library science, or medicine. Whatever degrees one obtains, however, an education in music pertains not only to earning a living through the art but also using the art to enhance one’s satisfaction and joy in living.

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