Matthew ColemanAssistant Professor

    Division: Brass & Percussion Performance
    Position: Assistant Professor
    Office: E-265 HFAC
    Phone: 801-422-0415

    Joining Dr. Ron Brough (director of Panoramic Steel), Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw (ethnomusicologist and director of Gamelan Bintang Wahyu), and Fred McInnis (director of BYU’s athletic bands) will be Dr. Matthew Coleman. Matt has served as a faculty member for the Maricopa County Community Colleges for the past five years. He enjoys building drums from exotic hard woods and renovating drums of all shapes and sizes. As a freelance percussionist, Matt has performed in contemporary groups, orchestras, and chamber music ensembles of all kinds, including those of the jazz and pop genres. He earned degrees from Eastern Washington University and Arizona State University.

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