Kevin AnthonyAssistant Professor

    Division: Composition & Theory
    Position: Assistant Professor
    Office: E-257 HFAC
    Phone: 801-422-0942

    Kevin Patrick Anthony is a music composer, electronicist, vocalist, artist, designer, and a pursuer of creative technologies. Currently completing a PhD at the University of California, Irvine in Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology, he has a passion for maintaining interdisciplinary environments which promote collaborative creativity. He has received degrees from Brigham Young University Idaho (BMA) and Brigham Young University (MA in Music Composition).

    His work aims to harness the creative possibilities presented by new and old technologies. He has researched and worked creatively in a great breadth of fields including digital signal processing and spectral analysis, artificial intelligence, sensor-circuitry, animation and illustration, non-verbal communication in virtual spaces, virtual reality, and motion-to-music translation.

    He works to build substantial creative platforms and devices, with collaborative developmental contributions to notable projects such as Mari Kimura’s Mugic device, Chris Dobrian’s Max Cookbook, Lukas Ligeti’s Cross Adaptive Data Processing (CADP), and the Virtual Reality Audio Workstation with Vincent Olivieri and Theresa Jean Tanenbaum.

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