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On March 15, BYU student Mary Hoskins continued the School of Music’s recent spurt of national recognition by placing second in the national finals of the Macaroni Grill Opera Sing Off.

The contest began online and was open to all singers who sing and work at Macaroni Grill throughout the United States. Hoskins, a freshman who studies voice at BYU with Ruth Christensen, received enough online votes that she was invited as one of six finalists to complete in Dallas at one of the original Macaroni Grills there. As the second place finisher, Hoskins won $5,000.

Although Hoskins was excited to win the award, what matters most to her is the music.

“More than anything I have loved experiencing the feelings and telling the stories of the incredible characters you find in music while singing,” said Hoskins.

Watch Hoskins perform and read more about the competition results on Facebook.

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