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Crockett is the current director of the BYU a capella group Vocal Point and was recently featured in BYU Magazine’s “A Thing of Beauty”

As a singer who performed with Vocal Point for four years while a student at BYU, McKay Crockett was certainly qualified to take the helm of the male a capella group in 2012. In fact, the School of Music graduate cites his education and time with the group among his most transformative experiences.

BYU music alum McKay Crockett, courtesy of Bradley Slade/BYU Magazine

“My BYU music education was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and my connection to Vocal Point is the highlight of that musical education,” Crockett said. “Studying music at BYU provided me connections to excellent mentors as well as opportunities for meaningful growth that now allow me to make a living every day.”

When asked what he loves most about his position as director of Vocal Point, Crockett was quick to highlight the students in the group.

“I absolutely love working with the guys in Vocal Point,” he said. “Having the opportunity to create music with these young, talented, motivated students year after year is one of my greatest joys. Their desire to do good is inspiring.”

Crockett highlighted the group’s self-titled album “Vocal Point” — which was released on May 22, 2020 — as just one of the many successes he has had during his time as director. The 12-track album is the group’s first on BYU Records after they cut ties with major label Decca Gold, part of Universal Music Group. “Vocal Point” debuted in the top 30 pop albums on all of iTunes the weekend of its release, which was especially meaningful to Crockett.

Vocal Point’s self-titled album was released May 22, 2020

“The music, the production, the vocals, the energy — it all represents not only a new, fun musical direction for us, but at its core, it also represents the journey Vocal Point has been on the last 29 years,” he said. “For years Vocal Point has tried to show that you can listen to cool, awesome music while still staying locked on your values. That is what our group is all about, and truthfully, there is no better way to describe this album than that sentiment right there.”

In addition to the album release, Crockett was recently featured for the BYU Magazine video series, “A Thing of Beauty,” where he discussed the beauty of overtones.

“The human voice in particular is rich with overtones,” Crockett said. “The magic of overtones really begins when the singers come together and create a perfectly tuned chord. Each singer is unified in purpose, in tone, in shape, in texture. When the overtones of those voices align, the strength of the overtone is amplified, allowing us to hear something that is not being sung.”

Crockett explains that music has much more to it than simply entertainment value.

“In its finest form, music is a conduit that gives purpose and unity to individuals, both those listening to the music and those creating it,” Crockett says. “Perhaps overtone alignment symbolizes what can happen in our families, in our communities and even in our world when we bring together our unique voices to create something more than any one of us could.”

Learn more about Crockett’s take in the video below.

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