The first step in scheduling a recital (required or non-required) is to obtain the proper recital packet from the School of Music office or by putting together the following documents, PDFs of which are linked at the bottom of this page. Closely follow the instructions in the packet.

Required Recital Packet

  • Required Recital Approval Form
  • Required Recital Scheduling Process
  • Required Recital Checklist and Guidelines
  • Financial Policies for Student Recitals
  • Student Recital Venue Information

Non-Required Recital Packet

  • Non-Required Recital Approval Form
  • Non-Required Recital Scheduling Process
  • Financial Policies for Student Recitals
  • Student Recital Venue Information

NOTE: You may not perform a required recital unless you are enrolled in the proper recital course and in private lessons.

Scheduling the performance and rehearsal:

Performances are scheduled in the order listed below.

For Fall Semester

Beginning the first day of fall semester classes and continuing for three class days thereafter, students registered in Music 649, 650, or Music 697B may schedule recitals.

On the fourth day of classes continuing for three days thereafter, students registered in Music 449 may schedule recitals as well as Music 249 piano performance students.

On the seventh day of classes, students registered in Music 349 or Music 249 may schedule recitals.

Note: Saturdays and Sundays are not included in the counting of class days.

For Winter Semester

Beginning the first day of winter semester registration, students registered in Music 649 or Music 697B may schedule recitals.

One week after winter registration begins, students registered in Music 449 may schedule recitals as well as Music 249 piano performance students.

Two weeks after winter registration begins, students registered in Music 349 or Music 249 may schedule recitals.

For Spring Term

There is no priority signup. Once you have registered for the class, you may visit HFAC Scheduling with the appropriate forms in hand.

  • Recitals must be scheduled at least four weeks in advance.
  • Recitals are scheduled at 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m., or 9:30 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday. Saturdays include additional times of 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Recitals are scheduled for one hour only.
  • Recitals and rehearsals may not be scheduled on Monday nights, General Conference Saturdays, or the Friday/Saturday of spring break weekend in March.
  • Recitals may only be given beginning the first day of class and ending the last day of class. They may not be given during exam preparation days, finals, or semester breaks.

Schedule a rehearsal in the hall in which you will perform:

  • Students may schedule a single one-hour rehearsal in the performance hall. They may also schedule up to two hours of rehearsal in E-250, E-400, or E-432, depending upon availability. Email Marilyn Parks with complete information to schedule.
  • HFAC Scheduling must have at least 10 days notice for all rehearsals. (Exception: Due to space constraints, rehearsals in the Museum of Art are not permitted. However, a rehearsal may be scheduled in an HFAC room.)

What you get:

  • For a required recital, the School of Music will cover the cost of the hall. You will be provided a stage manager, programs, piano tuning, general concert lighting, and a house manager. Late requests are approved only as exceptions.
  • For a required recital in a location outside the Madsen Recital Hall, you will only be provided programs and piano tuning. There is no cost for the space nor is there a stage manager, lighting, or house manager.

For your performance:

  • Invocation: You are responsible for choosing someone to offer a prayer. If in the Madsen, the stage manager will provide a list of announcements to be given regarding emergency exits, flash photography, etc.
  • Ushers: As per the safety policy, BYU Arts Production will provide ushers for the Madsen Recital Hall.
  • Chairs, stand, plants, etc., from other rooms or the foyers may not be moved into the Madsen for performances or rehearsals.
  • Student performers and audience members may enter the hall 30 minutes prior to the performance start time. Performers and guests should vacate the hall promptly following your performance or rehearsal.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the performance spaces. Please inform guests of this policy.
  • If a reception is planned, it may only be held in the area just outside of E400 and not elsewhere in the HFAC, including the foyers of the recital hall. Please inform those setting up your reception that the tables outside of E400 must not be moved into the recital hall foyers. Please serve light refreshments only. Receptions should last no longer than 30 minutes. You are responsible for cleaning up all food, trays, etc.

Set-up and technical needs:

  • After you schedule your recital, HFAC Scheduling will send you an email with a survey you will complete to indicate your technical and set-up needs. Please return the survey promptly. If the survey is submitted late, programs, recordings, or proper set-up will not be guaranteed for the performance. Additionally, the email will contain a link for submitting your program information.
  • Recordings: Performances in most halls can be recorded. The fee for recording a performance is $30. (The fee for a group recital is $30 per person.) If you are performing a senior recital (449) or a final graduate recital (650, 697B), you are required to have it recorded. Recording of non-final graduate (649), junior (349), sophomore (249), and non-required recitals is optional. The recording fee will be billed to your student account.

Schedule your pre-recital hearing:

  • Hearings should occur approximately three to four weeks prior to the scheduled performance.
  • Student hearings are performed in front of a committee consisting of the private lesson instructor and other area faculty. Coordinate with your professor who will contact the jury for your hearing.
  • In the case of a failed hearing, the Scheduling Office should be notified immediately for a change of date. Failure to act quickly may result in inability to use facilities or equipment.


  • Arts Production will list required recitals on the online BYUarts calendar.
  • Students may place one flyer, no larger than 8.5” x 11”, on each main School of Music bulletin board in the areas marked “Recitals” and may place flyers in the cul-de-sacs of the practice rooms but not on the walls of the main hallways. No approval is needed to post the recital flyers. Students should remove posters by the end of day following the recital, excepting Sundays.


  • All program requests must be submitted at least 21 days in advance and are submitted electronically.
  • Late submissions will not be accepted unless prior arrangements were made.
  • Program PDF proofs will be emailed to the student and the supervising faculty for editing and final approval. You must respond to this email or your program will not be printed.
  • The program will be sent to Cougar Creations, 1010 WSC, for printing, and you will need to pick up the copies before your recital.
  • Submit program here

Recital cancellation or date changes:

  • Make sure to schedule times and dates that do not have faculty or family conflicts. Only one cancellation/reschedule or date change is permitted per semester. Once this has occurred, you will have to wait until the next semester to have your recital. A medical emergency is the only exception.
  • To cancel or to change a date, time, or venue for a performance, pick up a Cancellation/Change-of-Date form from HFAC Scheduling and have it signed by the faculty who signed your original approval form (private lesson teacher, composition instructor, or Commercial Music Division Coordinator).
  • If it is determined that a student will not give the recital during the semester, the student will receive a “T” grade—and must not register for the course again—and must visit HFAC Scheduling to obtain a Cancellation/Change-of-Date form to reschedule the recital. The “T” grade will be changed to “P” (pass) once the recital is successfully performed.
  • If a student receives a “T” grade for the recital course, the recital must be given before the add/drop deadline of the following semester/term IF the student wishes to avoid the requirement of concurrent registration in lessons.

At least one week prior to the performance, check with the Scheduling Office to make sure everything is in order!

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