Perfectionism Resources

In a choir devotional many years ago, one of our singers said something along these lines: "When we perform, our goal should be to bless, not impress."  I had had some personal experiences that had given me some insight into that on the shortcomings of singing only to impress.  When I had humbled myself, and approached singing after praying that I might use my musical gift to inspire and uplift, I was a much different person on that stage, and I have had some of the most spiritual experiences of my life performing to bless, and not worrying about the impress aspect.  Of course, in juries and other situations, you must impress to some degree, and that has its place.  But ultimately, the degree that you can hone your skills with the desire to bless will matter a great deal in the way you feel about your worth as a musician. - Rob Dunn

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