Perfectionism Resources

There’s a word in Italian, “avvicinandoci,” which basically means coming closer and closer. I liked to use this word with our choirs. Would we ever have a perfect rehearsal or performance? Probably not. But could we strive to get closer and closer and be happy with that effort? Definitely! I think the success is that you are striving for excellence. We don’t have to arrive at the distant goal of perfection to be happy with our work today. D&C 58:27 says, Men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness. To me that sounds like balancing not being perfect with trying every day to do good, to be a friend, to ask for Heavenly Father’s help to do His will and be an instrument in His hands. I think you should be happy that you have a heart that loves to reach high. If you know you’re reaching too high, you know you’re going to fail, and that’s discouraging. Know where you want to be in the end and choose one thing this week that’s achievable that you can do. I also would like to suggest not measuring your success by outcomes, but by effort. “Did you play this piece perfectly at your lesson?” Could be traded for “Did I carve out time every day to improve my pieces and technique to show my teacher at my lesson?” This is a better way to gauge your success. Strive to be your best rather than perfect. -Erin Bailey

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