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One of the most challenging teachings of Jesus Christ for those who have chosen the path of discipleship is found in the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus, as recorded by Matthew, says: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." Our incomplete understanding of the term perfect has led so many in this dispensation to give up or throw in the towel with statements like "I can never be perfect, so what's the use trying?" or "I guess I'm just destined to never make it back home to Father because I will never be good enough." Statements and feelings such as these are NOT from God, rather from the adversary! 

The Greek translation of perfect means complete, finished, or fully developed - NOT free of blemish, error-free, having no mistakes or flaws. The adversary uses and will continue to use self-doubt, harsh self-criticism, and self-recrimination to blur our vision of what and who we can become. We must always understand who we are and who and what we can become according to GOD'S perception, NOT the world's perception.

We must keep the properly prioritized perspective! These need to be our guiding principles:

We are children of Heavenly Father who loves us and only wants us to have joy and succeed in what He has asked us to do and return to Him.

When we are baptized, we become disciples of Jesus Christ. By entering the path of discipleship, a path that is not always easy, we are promised that He will be there to help us every step of the way.

As disciples, our singular goal must be to help bring others to Him. EVERYTHING WE DO should be centered upon sharing His light with those around us and throughout the world. 

When we focus on seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, EVERYTHING WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD! -Mark Ammons

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