Perfectionism Resources

I’ve already shared about Growth Mindset above. But mistakes are opportunities for learning and growth. I think of people I love in the scriptures who made mistakes that ended up really being catalysts for a life of service and consecration. Joseph Smith asked the Lord to be able to share the plates with others. Disregarding prior No answers from the Lord, Joseph asked until he got the answer he wanted. He learned from that experience and relied on the Lord wholly after that. President Nelson shared about a heart-wrenching set of surgical failures where he did not succeed in saving the lives of two children with a heart condition. He wanted to give up but he decided to take what he learned from these failures and keep working to find solutions. You can’t pop out of the womb being a perfect trumpet player. That’s just silly. We will all make mistakes as we keep trying new things and challenging ourselves. You could maybe only learn one song in your life and play it with no mistakes. Would that be joy? Risk and trial-and-error and spreading our wings with the chance of crashing back down to the earth- these are all the things that make the human experience so exquisite. Learn to love the learning process. Without mistakes we cannot grow on our instruments. They jumpstart our learning and growth! -Erin Bailey

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