Perfectionism Resources

You are doing an amazing job as a Freshman. You're here in the School of Music. You are succeeding. You are growing. One day you will be the senior that new freshmen look up to. I promise you'll get there. Ask those Seniors for feedback and advice. Don't be afraid to ask them what potential they see in you.

Ask your studio teacher to help you recognize the progress you've made. Ask him or her which former students have played the same pieces you're learning. Reach out to them and ask them for feedback on your performance. You'll be developing friendships that will be a strength through your whole career.

And when you become a Senior, look out for the new Freshmen. Be their friend. Reach out to them and tell them what you admire about their music. The friendships in our studios and across the School of Music uplift us all. -Bailey Jorgensen Frame

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