Perfectionism Resources

Brian Blanchard

Do not define your value or your worth through your music making. You are more than just a musician; you are more than just the quality of your last performance. […]


Mark Ammons

Keeping sight of who we are and who we can become in the light of the gospel tells us what our worth is and keeps us from comparing ourselves to […]


Jason Bergman

I don’t. I define my worth as a human, as a man, and as a son of God. There is so much more to my life and myself than being […]


Rob Dunn

In a choir devotional many years ago, one of our singers said something along these lines: "When we perform, our goal should be to bless, not impress."  I had had […]


Lawrence Green

If you make others happy when you play, you are totally worthy as a musician, no matter your level.  Go play at a rest home; you will feel the gratitude […]

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