Perfectionism Resources

Erin Bailey

I find I feel the most miserable when I look around to get value cues from comparing myself to others. I will always see strengths in others that I don't […]


Rob Dunn

I had a vocalist friend who one day realized that no matter how much he practiced or developed his voice and musicality, his voice would never sound like so-and-so's voice.  […]


Jason Bergman

Can’t you celebrate their success without it defining your own? A true friend celebrates others’ victories. Support them and encourage them. Chances are they’ll do the same for you. Your […]


Neil Thornock

One thing I love about working at BYU is that my faculty colleagues are so tremendously supportive of each other. I of course notice when one of my colleagues seems […]


Baily Jorgenson Frame

You are doing an amazing job as a Freshman. You're here in the School of Music. You are succeeding. You are growing. One day you will be the senior that […]


Brooke Baird

If you find yourself comparing your musicianship or other skills against others, you’re not alone! Things like orchestra seating, performance opportunities, and hearing others play at masterclass can make it […]

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