Overall, I would recommend the book “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner.  He is a renowned jazz pianist and addresses this very thing in detail.  Self-talk/criticism is the plague of our day when it comes to professional musicians.  “Do I sound good?” is the modern musician’s mantra.  He discusses a completely different mindset that actually coincides with gospel principles such as humbling yourself, serving out of love and not obligation or personal gain, and receiving the abundance of the Creator into your life.

As a musician, you really have to find the niche that works best for you.  I, for example, found that I enjoy writing music much more than performing.  Writing for me is a way to premeditate improvisation.  I can work out all the musical problems ahead of time and present it to the performer(s).  While there is an element of uncertainty, surprise, and even nerves connected with this process, it is significantly less than performing for me.  When I discovered this, I ran with it and am glad I did. -Nathan Hofheins

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