I recently read an article about the perfectionist attitude and learning to let it go. It talked all about how we often treat ourselves as a coin, consisting of two sides. When one side is flipped, you feel you are doing well, like on those days where your lesson goes great, or when you get an A on an assignment and you feel like the smartest kid in the room. When the coin is flipped to this side, it is easy to feel like you are above or better than your peers, and to gain confidence from these achievements. The other side of the coin, however, comes when your lesson doesn’t go so great, or when you receive a score below the class average. This side of the coin is filled with resentment towards oneself, and feelings of jealousy and frustration. The key point to this analogy, however, is that the whole coin is counterfeit. Our worth does not come from our achievements, just as much as it does not come from our failures. Our worth is who we truly are as an individual, and who we are striving to become. My advice to you would be to continue to set goals for yourself and strive to achieve them, but recognize when you are falling into the trap of the coin analogy, and never forget that your true worth and value comes from something much more important. -Louisa Porter

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