Percussion Suite and Recital Rooms Included in BYU's New Music Building

Associate Dean Rory Scanlon updates the college and community on the construction of the music building

If you’ve paid a visit to BYU campus recently, you’ve likely noticed the progress being made on the new building for the School of Music.

Courtesy of Jeremy Grimshaw

Associate Dean Rory Scanlon offers an update on the construction.

“The construction on the new Music Building is on schedule and running smoothly,” said Scanlon. “Construction began on the Northwest corner of the building, laying in the concrete foundations and adding the first rows of blocks to form the currently tallest section for the Large Ensemble Room. Immediately to the East, the Percussion Suite is also apparent with walls going up quickly. Also visible is the main concrete slab for the entire Northwest corner of the building that will hold the Instrument Repair and Piano Repair shops as well as the student commons area.”

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