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The performance will give the Philharmonic musicians a unique opportunity to learn professional industry techniques for film scoring and studio recording

The BYU Philharmonic will present the School of Music’s first movie in concert with “King Kong Live!” on Nov. 2. Under the direction of Kory Katseanes, the orchestra will perform Max Steiner’s full score while the classic 1933 creature feature plays on the big screen.

The BYU Philharmonic’s movie in concert will mark the first time the score for “King Kong” has been performed live since its reconstruction. (Ben Williams)

“These days orchestras all over the county — all around the world — are doing cinema series,” said Katseanes. “This is the first time we’ve done an event like this. It’s complicated and difficult, but it’s been a grand adventure.” 

The performance is the culmination of an ambitious undertaking by music theory professor Brent Yorgason — working in conjunction with BYU faculty, staff and students as well as industry professionals in Los Angeles and New York — to transcribe and prepare the newly-reconstructed “King Kong” score for a live screening.

Katseanes, Yorgason and the other musicians and scholars who have worked on the project are honored by BYU’s distinction as the first institution — educational or professional — to perform Steiner’s beloved “King Kong” score live for an audience since its reconstruction by film composer John Morgan.

“The music itself is a landmark score; it was groundbreaking,” said Katseanes. “By far the biggest movie score that had ever been written up to that point, and it’s still just as gigantic. Most movies don’t approach this kind of complexity even still. I hope audiences will find themselves immersed in the amazing soundscape that Max Steiner created.”

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