Graduate students majoring in Instrumental Orchestral Conducting conduct the University Orchestra and University Strings.

University Orchestra

Open to anyone enrolled in the University, this popular orchestra fills a great role in providing a continued orchestral experience for those students who have chosen degrees other than music, but who yearn to keep their love of music alive. The consistent popularity of this orchestra attests to the fun to be had in playing with friends and fellow student musicians in a more relaxed evening environment. The concert schedule, of one concert per semester, is geared toward the class schedules of the non–music major. This class is held on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.

University Strings

A large string orchestra of around 60 musicians, the University String Orchestra provides any university string player the opportunity to enjoy the rich variety of music written for a string orchestra. Repertoire from all periods, with a slight emphasis on Baroque concerto grossi, is prepared in this evening class, with one concert per semester. This orchestra meets on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.

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