Auditions for the BYU orchestras, as well as all auditioned ensembles in the School of Music, are administered by the private studio teachers for each instrument. In other words, trumpet players audition for the trumpet teacher, Professor David Brown, clarinets for the clarinet teacher, Professor Jaren Hinckley, etc. Auditions are the first day or two of classes, and each of the studio instructors will have sign-up sheets on their doors. If you need help finding the right studio instructor for your instrument, please check with the secretaries in C-550 HFAC.

After the auditions are complete, ensemble placement will be posted in order for rehearsals to begin the second week of school. The only exceptions to this procedure are the University Orchestra and the University String Orchestra, which are non-audition ensembles in which participation is determined through regular online registration. If you are unable to register because the section for your instrument is full, attend the first scheduled class to see if there is space for you to be added.

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