BA Music

The bachelor of arts degree offers a broad liberal arts education with a concentration in music. It also provides great flexibility in choosing electives according to student interests, making it excellent preparation for a variety of professional music careers or graduate work in theory or musicology. Students interested in using the BA as preparation for futher musicological studies are encouraged to discuss their plans with the division coordinator, Steven Johnson.

The university undergraduate catalog lists the complete degree requirements, including the suggested plan by which to achieve them, called the Major Academic Plan (MAP).

Students are admited to the BA following the usual School of Music application process.

MA Musicology

This program prepares students to be teachers and scholars who will promote musical understanding and appreciation for the arts. Students are expected to add to the body of research that has increased understanding of the history, practice, sociology, and aesthetics of the cultural heritage of Western (and to a lesser degree non-Western) music. This effort should also increase awareness of cultural and historical diversity represented in concert programs and recordings.

The MA in Musicology program will not be accepting applications until further notice.

Program Requirements:

32 hours of course work, thesis prospectus, language examination, comprehensive written examination, final oral exam and thesis defense, thesis. Complete requirements may be found in the university graduate catalog.

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