Applicants to the Music Education programs must complete the following requirements according to their intended major. Note: Because students must take Music 176 to audition for all music education programs, high school seniors or transfer students who are not yet attending BYU will not be able to audition for the music education program until they are attending BYU and are able to take Music 176. In order to start the education program in the fall, incoming or transfer students must complete Music 176 during the summer term prior to their first Fall Semester.

K-12 Instrumental Emphasis

  1. Apply to the University and to the School of Music: Follow the standard admissions process for the School of Music, but when you complete the online application, list “Music Education, K-12 Instrumental” as your intended major (or “K-12 General Music Emphasis” for instrumentalists seeking that degree) and list your instrument in the instrument field.
  2. Audition for the School of Music: Complete the standard audition, according to your instrument’s repertoire requirements. Note that students may not major in secondary music education with piano as their primary instrument.Students having a strong desire to teach public school music who are not accepted into the School of Music based on the entrance audition should consider additional private study on their major instrument (Music 160R), performing in an ensemble, and taking General Education courses. They may re-audition for the School of Music the following year. It is sometimes assumed that delayed acceptance into the major will extend time to graduation but it often does not because of early completion of required GE courses.
  3. Music 176: If you are accepted to the School of Music, you will be listed as a performance major until you complete Music 176 (offered during winter and summer).
  4. Apply to the program: At the conclusion of Music 176, you will complete a portfolio and an interview-based application process. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the doors Dr. Saville (band) and Dr. Tsugawa (orchestra) around February 15th. The interview is a time for the music education selection committee to learn about your specific teaching interests and your potential as a music educator. Think deeply about your reasons for pursuing a career in music education before your interview. If accepted, you will begin the Music Education core during the following fall semester.

K-12 Choral Emphasis

  1. Apply to the University: Applicants for K-12 Choral Emphasis (and vocalists intending to major in Elementary Music) need only apply to the university and then enroll in Music 176.
  2. Music 176: Before auditioning for the School of Music, you must FIRST enroll in Music 176 (offered during winter and summer). This class is prerequisite to applying for the major and is the gateway into the major.
  3. Apply to the program: At the conclusion of Music 176, you will complete an application for the School of Music, submit a portfolio and application to the Music Education Division, have a private interview with the faculty, take the Aural Skills Exam, and schedule a live audition with the vocal faculty. To prepare for your vocal audition, please review the following repertoire requirements:
    • Simply must prepare two contrasting pieces that exhibit the full range of your classical vocal abilities.
    • There is no requirement that either of the pieces be sung in a foreign language.
    • There are no length requirements or restrictions.
    • Avoid selections that do not highlight classical singing technique.
    • If accepted, you will begin the Music Education core during the following fall semester.

K-12 General Music Emphasis

You may apply for this major as an instrumentalist (including piano) or as a vocalist.

  • Vocalists: Follow the same process as K-12 Choral Music Education applicants (see above).
  • Instrumentalists: Follow the same process as K-12 Instrumental Music Education applicants (see above).
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