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Keyboard Performance

Piano keyboardThe keyboard performance program within the School of Music includes instruction in piano, organ, jazz piano, and harpsichord, contributing to a variety of degree plans. Besides private instruction, courses are offered in accompanying, organ registration and literature, keyboard harmony and other skills, supervised teaching, and piano and organ pedagogy. The keyboard faculty includes four full-time faculty members as well as several part-time faculty members, with a combined experience in university teaching exceeding 200 years.

Many students choose to major in performance, which includes a strong teaching component. The performance degree prepares students for professional work as performers and studio teachers, and is the suggested degree for those who wish to pursue their instrument as a career. Some students in other degrees, such as jazz studies, elementary education, media music, and composition take keyboard instruction as part of their degree plans as well.

BYU has twelve concert grand pianos. A full tour of BYU’s pianos can be found here.

Scott Holden introduces the larger of the two BYU Fazioli pianos.


The F308—a 10’2″ concert grand piano designed for modern large-capacity concert halls—is the crown jewel of Fazioli’s Pianoforti. Its immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness derive from an increased string length in the bass section. A fourth pedal, invented by Fazioli, allows the artist to reduce volume without modifying timbre.

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