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Kuné — Canada’s Global Orchestra — visited campus for their BRAVO! Series performance

During their visit to BYU for their January BRAVO! performance, three members of Canada’s global orchestra Kuné spoke to composition students in the School of Music, sharing their appreciation for music and instruments across cultures.

From left, Padideh Ahrarnejad, Matias Recharte and Demetri Petsalakis talk to composition students. (Megan Morrison)

“I was most interested to learn about how they blended different musical cultures together to create new music,” said music composition major Kalysha Chandler. “They took elements from different cultures and reinterpreted them in other cultures to create unprecedented musical combinations.”

The musicians — Matias Recharte from Peru, Padideh Ahrarnejad from Iran and Demetri Petsalakis from Greece — are among 11 members of Kuné, each representing different nations and musical traditions. While showcasing and preserving these traditions is an important mission of the ensemble, they also work to promote innovation in their blending of cultures.

“I am really interested to explore the possibility of combining different cultural musical ideas to create new musical directions,” said Chandler. “I think there are a lot of possibilities by creating a global genre of music that draws influences from many different cultures from around the world.”

With members from a wide range of musical approaches and backgrounds, a willingness to adapt and collaborate is essential for a Kuné musician. 

“I was blown away by the positive relationship between the musicians that was a result of their collaboration,” said Chandler. “By necessity, the only way Kuné is able to be successful is to collaborate between musicians, listen to other people and incorporate their views. This creates music that is even more meaningful and impactful, but that only happens if collaboration is transparent and respectful.”

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