Diversity Curriculum Fellowship

Diversity Curriculum Fellowship

The College of Fine Arts and Communications has allocated funds to support faculty in diversifying their curriculum and course designs.  Each year, the School of Music will appoint two Diversity Curriculum Fellows from among the faculty (typically one each in Fall and Winter semesters), who will receive a grant of $2000.  These funds can be used, for example,

  • to support a partial course-load reduction for the duration of the fellowship, freeing the faculty member to spend time on redesigning coursework and syllabi.  
  • to hire a research assistant who will support curricular initiatives in diversity.
  • to purchase books, scores, recordings, instruments, subscriptions, or any other materials that will aid in the diversification of curriculum or coursework.
  • to appropriately support other ongoing curricular development initiatives that encourage diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the School of Music.  

Fellows will be required at the conclusion of their fellowship to provide a written summary to the School of Music Belonging Group, reporting on how the fellowship funds were spent in support of diversity initiatives. 

(Adjunct faculty are welcome to apply for a Diversity Curriculum Fellowship to help aid with course and curriculum development.  Due to the nature of adjunct contracts, these funds cannot be used to buy out adjunct teaching load.) 

Note: These fellowships are intended to support curricular improvements that will result in a lasting impact.  If faculty have ideas for specific events that would help improve diversity and belonging in the School of Music, there are separate funds to support those proposals.  (Suggestions for such Belonging events can be directed to any member of the School of Music Belonging Group.)  

Application Process

Faculty interested in applying for a Diversity Curriculum Fellowship should provide the following information:

  • Name of applicant
  • Semester for which the applicant seeks a fellowship
  • Course numbers and titles that will be enhanced by these fellowship funds
  • A brief description (one or two paragraphs) on how the faculty member plans on using the funds to support diversification of the curriculum. 

Application Deadlines

April 10, 2022: Application deadline for Fall 2022 Fellowship (two fellowships available)

October 9, 2022: Application deadline for Winter 2023 (one fellowship available)

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