New Music

Since its inception in 1986, BYU’s Group for New Music has featured student and faculty performers and conductors presenting the prominent works of our time. The concerts frequently include World and US premieres of BYU faculty compositions, and provide students with an excellent opportunity to experience music at the cutting edge. The group currently presents one concert per semester, and has recorded faculty works that appear on Bridge Records, Capstone Records, and BYU’s Tantara Records.

Faculty composer Michael Hicks, the Group’s founder, describes the ensemble as follows:

Group for New Music is an informal, occasional coalition of players who like to play unusual things written by living people. The name suggests:

  • A subject or object with an implied indefinite article: “[a] group for new music”

  • An imperative: “group for new music [!]”

The poster above reveals the broad repertoire typically included in GFNM concerts, and also encapsulates one of the ensemble’s primary aims: to PROVOKE its members (both performers and those in the audience) to examine and broaden their definition of music.

Small string combo practicing experimental musicSmall string combo practicing experimental musicGEM (Group for Experimental Music) is BYU’s student ensemble dedicated to the performance of collaboratively created and improvised music. GEM also performs experimental, conceptual, and graphic scores by both its members and from the repertoire, including such composers as John Zorn, John Cage, Sun Ra, and others. The group has recently performed with or under the direction of Christian Wolff, Stuart Dempster, and Malcolm Goldstein.

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