For music students interested in the Commercial Music program

Every music major must audition in a performance specialty. Contemporary Voice is designed for vocalists who wish to pursue a career in Commercial Music. Please note that since the contemporary voice studio is available only for the Commercial Music program, if at a later time you want to change majors, you may be required to re-audition for the new program.

Audition Information:
Location: Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) Room A-211 on BYU Campus
Day: Last Saturday in January
Time: Scheduled online when applying to the School of Music
Deadline to schedule audition: see audition deadline schedule posted by the School of Music admissions office (

Audition Preparations

January 2021 contemporary voice auditions will be held virtually. For your singing audition, you may either audition live on January 30th via a zoom call or send in an unedited video audition. All applicants must sign up for a zoom audition time regardless of whether you submitted a recorded audition; this is so the audition committee can meet you and will administer a short music theory and sight-singing test. 

Video auditions must be recorded live and unedited of the two music performances. Please submit your video as a Quick Time movie in either .mov .m4v or .mp4 format and less than 300 MB in size.  Other formats will not be supported or viewed. When ready, upload your video file here. ( All video auditions must be received before January 30th, 2021.

Prepare samples of two (2) songs in contemporary-related styles, preferably in contrasting tempos.  An example would be a pop or R&B song and a Broadway style piece. Original material is not required. Prepare material that shows off your best vocal qualities.  3 minutes total.

We do not recommend you accompany yourself.  We are evaluating your vocal and performance qualities, not your ability to play another instrument.  If you feel strongly about accompanying yourself, a guitar is preferred, especially if you remember to make eye contact with the panel. It’s more of a problem on piano where you have to face away from the evaluators. Piano self-accompaniment may be undertaken on one song, but please plan on utilizing other accompaniment options for the second song. If you are proficient on an instrument, please make sure to include that information in your Portfolio submission.

Some additional tips for a successful audition experience

Be sure to select songs and styles you care about. This is much more important than anything you may hear about specific techniques or styles you think the panel may be looking for.  They’re looking for a committed, passionate, skillful performance. If you’re also a songwriter, it is fine to audition with one original song, but the second song should be pre-existing. And keep in mind that this is primarily a vocal audition.  No additional credit is earned from original material. Your original songs and other submissions will be evaluated as components of your Portfolio, not as part of the audition.

Please note, submitting a videotaped audition is separate from the Portfolio requirement.

For additional questions, please contact the Music Admissions Office at (801) 422-8903 or email

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