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The band will give audiences an overview of their work during this year’s football season

The BYU Cougar Marching Band — under the direction of Fred McInnis — will step off the field and onto the de Jong Concert Hall stage for their Nov. 12 concert.

“The Pass-in-Review concert is a chance for the Cougar Band to perform our favorite tunes, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for fans of the band to get a complete musical overview of the season,” said band member Sophie Parmley. “Each year, the Pass-in-Review concert includes songs from our three field shows that year as well as our pregame show, stand tunes and BYU traditions like ‘College Song’ and of course the ‘Fight Song.’”

Parmley is excited to close out the 2019 season with the annual celebration, which has been nicknamed “the loudest concert on campus.”

“This concert falls at the end of the season and allows us to look back and relive our favorite moments,” she said. “I also love that the focus of this event is entirely on the band. Most of our performances are at the football games where we are supporting the team, and there are often a lot of distractions. At this concert, family, friends and fans can hear and see us loud and clear. It’s truly incredible to be a part of.”

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