About the School of Music

Mission Statement

The BYU School of Music seeks truth in great music.
We strive to lead in the composition, performance, teaching,
and understanding of music and to serve the university,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
and the world through this divine gift.

What We Are About

One of the lasting traditions of Brigham Young University is its strong cultural emphasis and support of the fine arts. Historically, the music department has been one of BYU’s academic stars, and today the BYU School of Music continues this tradition as it leads toward a bright future.

The strength of the School lies in its resources — students, faculty, facilities, the university, and the community. There are approximately 450 music majors in the School of Music pursuing their dreams while moving towards graduation. This body of talented and dedicated young musicians is an example to the world of the power of music in individual lives.

BYU’s School of Music is comprehensive, with approximately 50 full-time and 50 part-time faculty teaching private instruction, ensembles, education, music theory, history, commercial music, and conducting, in addition to other exciting fields of study. Our focus is on cultivating individual talents and fostering some of the most respected music ensembles in any academic setting.

The Brigham Young University School of Music is accredited by NASM, the National Association of Schools of Music.


Seek Truth in Great Music
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