student technicianOn occasion, the BYU Piano Shop hires student workers. Students are expected to be engaged in learning opportunities such as those referenced in “Becoming a Piano Technician” (see sidebar).

Job Availability

Piano Shop student employees are hired as needed and as the budget allows. Jobs are available at the discretion of the full-time technicians and School of Music administrators. The number of students and the amount of employment hours available will vary. Please note, however, that this is usually a 3-4 year commitment.


  • Good aural perception
  • Basic familiarity with the piano
  • Basic understanding of music theory
  • Mechanically inclined
  • A long term commitment, therefore hiring preferences will be given to Freshmen and Sophomores

What to do Next

If you need additional information and would like to talk with someone in the Piano Shop in person, you can make an appointment with a full-time technician by calling 801-422-3400.

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